Building towards the future.

Safety Policies

Safety is given prime importance in everything we do. We are committed to creating an injury free and healthy environment for our team, clients and partners. To that end, we have been working toward achieving a greater level of excellence in safety by embracing a personal and organizational commitment to creating a safe environment.

Moreover, we recognize that safety should not end with the workday, but must extend to all aspects of our lives.

  • We accept personal responsibility for our own and others’ safety.
  • We share best practices, tools, and resources on safety.
  • We invest in each other’s learning and development.
  • We take action, always and immediately.

Safety Programs

GINCO has implemented comprehensive safety programs that allow us to deliver on our commitment to safety.

  • Safety Training and Compliance Programs
    Management personnel from the president through the supervisors attend formal safety training sessions. This improves safety awareness and provides a way to implement safety regulations on the construction site. When required, this safety training is provided at the job site so that coworkers can recognize unsafe conditions and prevent injury.
  • New Hire Orientation
    New employees attend safety orientation training. Each new employee is issued a GINCO Safety Handbook for reference.
  • Periodic Job Review
    Periodic job site reviews are conducted by the Safety Task Force to ensure full compliance with Safety Policies. The Safety Task Force team assesses the effectiveness level and Safety Standards, as well as those required by any other regulatory body.
  • Accident Reporting and Documentation
    Accident reports are reviewed by the Regional Safety Manager, and Project Manager. Corrective action is taken when required.