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Quality Policy

Quality is the mantra that drives GINCO. Working on an ambitious project or a regular one, we follow rigorous procedures to provide superior workmanship. Quality isn’t just about the end product, it is at the core of our entire construction process and our approach to work.

We push our capabilities each time, insisting on the most comprehensive inspection processes led by qualified team members to confirm quality. This is evident from the ISO 9001 Certification awarded to GINCO, which is by far the world's most established quality standard.

In its assessment of GINCO, IMS found that the company met and exceeded expectations in all ISO certification requirements. The results showed that the company's Quality Management System (QMS), which comprises its policies, processes and procedures, is in accordance with key principles of IMS Certification, some of which include customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach and ongoing quality improvement.

At GINCO, we ensure the quality processes and systems are included in the preconstruction and construction phases of a project. We pride ourselves on our unflinching commitment to superior quality throughout.

We conduct thorough reviews of contracts and supporting documents to ensure that we achieve specified quality requirements. We regularly analyze the job management process to ensure that client requirements are met throughout all phases of a project. Continuous audit and reviewing is imperative to our quality process.