Building towards the future.
SEP 2017


At Ginco, in our bid to save the planet and its resources, we're taking small steps at labour camps in Dubai by planting trees, recycling cans, reducing water and electricity usage and frequent watering of plants to keep the air clean - contributing and helping build a greener world in our own way.

Our world is increasingly realizing the importance of sustainable measures to reduce the global strain on our planet. Businesses are also evolving to take on eco-friendly approaches that help reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate to customers that they too can make a difference to the environment. The UAE is bringing in its own share of the green revolution with our visionary leaders spearheading companies and initiatives that are geared towards creating this positive change. We believe aligning a business with green practices begins with one small step and in some cases, the concept of 'green' has created a whole new line of product and service opportunities for businesses to explore. Eco-Friendly startups worldwide have been applying innovative technological solutions to help people get greener. With all the focus on sustainability lately, we believe we must act sooner than later if we're to deal with climate change - before it's too late.