Building towards the future.
DEC 2017


At Ginco, we have always been indebted to this nation that has nurtured our success and given us extraordinary opportunities to prove our prowess. Ginco is fortunate to be part of this burgeoning country's ever-growing skyline, contributing to the country's success by working alongside its partners. We are celebrating this momentous day by rising the National Flag high and looking forward to many more years of the nation's innovative spirit.

Celebrated on the 2nd of December, the UAE National Day marks the country's nationalization in 1971. This day, the seven emirates combined and became a union headed by HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the federation's first president. The seven emirates combated trials and tribulations to emerge as a living testimony of modernity, peace and prosperity, standing tall on the world's stage in almost every field. The UAE National Day is an opportunity for citizens and expats alike to reflect on the visionary growth and dynamism of the UAE. Everyone look forward to the festive atmosphere during the long National Day weekend, which is going to be filled with joy and jubilation.